Eden Hour Podcast

Innovation in DAOs' w/ MonkeDAO, ThugDAO, SockDAO

Episode Summary

In this episode, we speak to three NFT DAOs across the Solana ecosystem and the various projects they're working on. SockDAO is building MIMO, a fractionalised NFT initiative. MonkeDAO is the first NFT project to run a Solana validator node. ThugDAO ventures into music.

Episode Notes

Key Highlights: 

1.35 - How Cake got into NFTs and discovered Sol Socks 

7.10 - Perks of working with a smaller group of people

8.28 - Jemmy from MonkeDAO shares how he got into NFTs, discovered Solana NFTs, and his experiences with SMB 

19.23 - What a 100% community driven initiative looks like and how monkeDAO started

21.58 - How SMB’s shirtless seven ties into MIMO and an explanation on how MIMO’s fractionalization works

36.17 - MIMO token discussion and performance on Raydium

40.25 - Jemmy shares his perspective on MIMO as an SMB holder. TL;DR it opens up new avenues of opportunity and access

44.21 - Rights for NFT fractionalised holders and MIMO’s viper branding

48.45 - How MonkeDAO started running a validator node on Solana

51.24 - MonkeDAO’s goal and direction

52.46 - Thoughts on OHM forks

54.53 - How to approach NFT Derivatives

59.39 - How MIMO came about, overall philosophy and other things they’re working on like a free mint for newer entrants into the Solana NFT ecosystem

1.03.03 - SockDAO’s NFT acquisition process and how they buy NFTs as a DAO 

1.07.22 - ThugDAO shares that the best time to build is when the market’s down, and what they’re working on like setting up a validator, a ThugMerch store, gaming tournaments and the Thug music label. 

1.11.41 - Thug music label is an expansion beyond pfp and into interesting web3 applications. 

1.13.26 - Music Royalties and DAOs. 

1.17.08 - The advantage of Web3 for independent musicians

1.18.56 - Big-time musicians getting into NFTs