Eden Hour Podcast

Eden Hour: The Story Behind Magic Eden

Episode Summary

Welcome to Episode 0 of The Eden Hour Podcast. A conversation with Magic Eden Co-Founders Jack Sidd and Zhuoxun about how Magic Eden was started and what the team is looking forward to in December. Hosted by Theophana.

Episode Notes

1.13 - Magic Eden co-founders, Jack, Sidd and Zhuoxun introduce themselves, how they met each other and how they discovered crypto

12.49 - How the idea of an NFT marketplace came about, the weird name that could have been Magic Eden but thankfully isn’t, and the meaning behind the name Magic Eden

20.49 - Jack, Sidd and Zhuoxun share major milestones since the first day of trading on Sept 17, 2021. For Sidd, it was when Magic Eden reached $50K in trades, that’s when he felt it really took off. And, for Zhuoxun, when the site was going down (a good sign of growth) and for Jack, it was the fact that the team was growing and people who had never met each other IRL was collaborating. 

24.43 - Magic Eden was the first to do…. (us flexing) and about being a doxxed team. Plus, shoutout to Tiff, our podcast host and head of marketing. 

26.54 - Sharing visitor stats on Magic Eden and Tiff introduces herself and her background. 

28.15 - Jack talks about what sets Magic Eden apart from other NFT marketplaces

30.55 - Zhuoxun talks about gaming and NFTs 

33.27 - Sidd talks about new features on Magic Eden in the works, the Magic Eden mobile app and the future of NFTs

36.15 - Where Magic Eden’s users are located, tl;dr we’re international. 

36.56 - What the team is looking forward to in December